Caeleb's Mission Statement

My Mission
I will strive to be a better, wiser man than I was yesterday. Never will I be complacent and I will always challenge myself. I appreciate any obstacle, knowing it will make me stronger. I take pride in my craft and will continue to master it. I set my own standard and compare myself to no one. I know my habits define me and I will make good works of them. I am aware the only thing I control in my life are my thoughts and my choices, not my circumstances. I will live in the moment. I see the world as a beautiful place where happiness is only real when shared. Materials are nothing. I am neither above nor beneath any human. Above all, I will be loving of all people regardless of race, religion, political view, gender, sexuality, opinion, appearance, or situation.
My purpose on this earth is to leave a room brighter than I found it. I will inspire people to be happy and hopeful in the person they are capable of becoming. My ultimate goal in this is to not reach the world but just one person. I will show people, although we are different, greatness is within us all. 


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